Window Covering Trends

  • “Window shadings with motorization

  • Neutrals never go out of fashion and will hold their own through years of other design changes

  • Woven bamboo and grasses are making a huge comeback

  • Aluminum blinds add retro glamour

  • Sheer fabrics let the outside in

  • Plantation shutters are a style investment

  • Turning Leaf: The 2014 Color of the Year


Motorized window shadings

Motorized blinds and draperies were thought of as an indulgence available only to the elite several years ago. But today's hardware, technology and pricing have made this onetime luxury easily available to the general public.


Motorized blinds, shades and draperies offer many benefits for many people. Parents with young children, the elderly and even just the average person will benefit from having motorized window coverings, which eliminate the need to fuss with wands or cords. If you suffer from mobility or dexterity issues, or are just tired of dealing with tangled cords, this investment can help your window coverings function flawlessly.


Neutrals still rule

Whites, off-whites and other neutral window coverings almost always work best, we don’t sit or walk on them, so they don’t wear out. Your stair carpet can be in tatters but your natural linen-colored shades look like new, and they’re both 20 years old.


Neutrals are timeless, too. You might change up your paint, furniture, lighting, and fabrics, but will still want safer neutral tones for the windows, to weather your decorating whims. But safer neutrals doesn’t have to mean boring. Roman shades and pleated shades come in a wide variety of fabrics and subtly different color tones.


Wovens are all the rage

The ’70s and ’80s are back. Understated natural or synthetic wovens give character, ambiance, and texture to flat walls. Look for trendy woven styles made from materials like bamboo and grassweave. They’ll create a fresh look for modern dining areas or sun rooms.


Aluminum blinds add retro glamour

Calling all “Mad Men” fans — ’50s and ’60s styles are cool again in home design. Think Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in 1950s movies like ‘Pat and Mike,’ when those wonderful office buildings had wide metal blinds.

They work best in a 2" slat width with wide tapes — and are also less likely than metal mini blinds to bend out of shape when dusted. Metal looks striking in a home office, library, or game room, to add polish and a sophisticated edge. Bonus: Metal blinds are easy to clean with a Swiffer.


Plantation shutters are a style investment

They’re worth every cent, and look classic (Thomas Jefferson was a fan.) Southern shutters have come a long way. They’re a great choice because they add elegance to your home. These are just as inviting at an island retreat as in pure white at your kitchen window.


The best wood ones are almost like finely crafted furniture, with a custom fit, and have smart levers (or wands) instead of dangling cords for adjusting the louvers. ⇑ Top